SMTP Library - PowerBuilder component
SMTP Library is a component for PowerBuilder that allow to send e-mail messages via SMTP server.
You can use your own SMTP server or any other, like gmail (


  • Supports Secure Sockets connection (SSL,TLS)
  • Supports HTML/Text message format
  • Allows to add attachments
  • Allows to add recipients in CC and BCC. Bcc is an abbreviation for blind carbon copy. If you add a recipient's name to the Bcc box in an e-mail message, a copy of the message is sent to the recipient, but the recipient's name is not visible to the other recipients of the message.
  • Allows to add images inside mail body (not as attachments, like picture inside text)
  • Allows to save prepared message to an EML file format. Will be helpful if you need to store sent messages for a long period
  • Allows to generate Message-Id header on a client side

Screen Shots

SMTP Demo Application Main Window
Hint: click on the picture to zoom it