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DWCfilter for PowerBuilder
DWCFilter is a filter component (visual-object) for
PowerBuilder that allows end users to specify filter
criteria for DataWindow data. It is created with the
purpose to relieve a developer from routine work
on creations of a users filters.
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SMTP Library v1.4
DWCFilter: Version 1.5.2
- support of Grid, Freeform and Tabular DataWindow styles
- support of Column and Expression types of DataWindow objects
- support of Edit, CheckBox, DropDownDW and DropDownListBox edit styles of fields
- check out the full feature list
SMTP Library: Version 1.4
- support Secure Sockets connection (SSL, TLS)
- allow to add attachments
- HTML/Text message format
- allow to add recipients in CC & BCC
- save sent message to an EML file format
- check out the full description
Google Calendar Library: Version 1.0
- Authorization with Google Account
- allow to fetch event list
- Create New Event
- Edit and Delete exist event
- check out the full description
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SMTP Library is a component for PowerBuilder
that allow to send e-mail messages via SMTP server.
You can use your own SMTP server
or any other, like gmail.
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SMTP Library v1.4 for PowerBuilder Released!
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